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From the moment I stepped through the door at FitFix and met Laura I knew I had found an amazing place to work out!

I’ve been training with her now for 4 months and have gone from not being able to do 1 press up to being able to do them wearing a 10kg weighted vest.  In the time I’ve been there I have not done the same session twice which keeps it interesting and I am always wanting to come back for more.  Laura has a keen eye and will always ensure my form is correct so I get the most out of every session.  I loved the fact I was part of  TEAMFIT right from day one and have made loads of new friends.

Laura has taught me to love myself, what I can do and the skin I’m in.  She is an amazing trainer and I can not recommend her highly enough.  Everyone should have Laura & TEAMFIT in their life x


Just Had a deep tissue sports massage with Laura, would highly recommend her if you have any aches and pains. Very knowledgeable and easy to speak to!


Well thank you i genuinly loved it! And for all extra help at the end! its so appreciated ! I know its my biggest weakness .. but never got the right help for it, and always just got by as i was. Your class was more then just a work out/burn class but inspiration too for me crack on with making the changes!


Ok, so it was absolutely horrendous but Laura is so inspiring and makes you want to better yourself. I’ve left feeling like a fitness guru and even had porridge for dinner #mumtum will go


Ok. So Five minutes ago I felt like I was going to throw up and Now …….. I’m on fire!!! Energy level 110% feeling pumped healthy and and I’m ready to take on the world!!! Every week Laura you push me that little further when I feel like I can’t carry on and I’m so happy you do because I feel stronger and stronger Every week Thank you for all you do!


Absolutely smashed PT and Fit fix today with Laura and don’t I know it! I left both sessions a hot sweaty mess but so much happier in myself. I’ve gone from a girl who couldn’t do a press up to save her life to a girl who can now ACE one with a 10kilo weight jacket on!🤗 Everyone needs a Laura in there life to achieve their fitness goals!

Lindsey size 12 to 8-10

I’ve always been a runner before I joined Laura’s session and knew my overall cardio was fine but had a very disproportioned body, being a size 8 on top but more of a size 12 on the bottom.  Since coming to Laura’s classes and PT sessions, my overall body shape has changed completely.  I am now much leaner, and my bottom half has gone down to a size 8 too.  Also, what I didn’t realise was that the only strength I had was in my calfs.  Laura has helped me to gain muscle and increase my overall body strength.  Not only have I seen the results in my body, but my legs are much more powerful in my running, with me gaining better PBs at running too.  Where I thought previously that I was already fit enough by clocking up the miles running, I was proven wrong.  It doesn’t really matter what level of fitness or what size you are, I’ve been shown by Laura that you can make changes to your exercise regime and get excellent results.   I highly recommend Laura to anyone, whether like me you are looking to change your exercise regime to improve your overall look, improve overall body strength or anything else.  She has great advice and what I really value is the time she takes in teaching you the correct technique for each exercise and helping you to understand when the muscles are engaged and working properly.


Laura’s FITFIX sessions are fantastic. I was made to feel very welcome. The session was hard, but fun – a mix of different exercises, working all of the muscle groups. Laura is very motivating, and the session so much more interesting than going to the gym, which I’ve been doing for years without a great deal of success. I shall be returning for sure.


I had my first session this morning, we did early morning circuits and I really enjoyed it. It was the right level of difficulty, I sweated loads and all my muscles were aching. Laura was fantastic and spent a long time with me on each exercise so I got the technique right. Thanks Laura I’ll be back next week x
Laura is a great trainer and has gone above and beyond to help me! Lovely group of ladies who are all so encouraging and made me feel welcome! Would highly recommend!


Laura is a great PT! I Started coming to see Laura back in April to help improve my fitness and core strength to help with me be able to run my dogs in agility better. I have noticed a massive improvement in my movement and posture when running and my fitness has increased so much that I’m able to keep up with my collie! For someone that has never enjoyed exercise I like Lauras lessons as I never know what is coming, I never have the chance to get bored and am kept motivated though out the whole session! Highly recommended!!

I went for a sports massage with Laura yesterday, it was a great experience in a well equipped facility. Laura was very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel very relaxed by talking me through each stage of the process.

The massage was great, I feel much looser and rejuvenated and I would highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for some therapy.


FITFIX group exercise sessions are incredible. Forget what you know about tired gym routines and boring classes you can do in your sleep – during this hour you will work every muscle you have (and some you didn’t even know existed!). But that’s not intended to put you off… Laura plans her sessions meticulously offering something totally unique, setting different challenges each time you turn up to a FITFIX session. No two sessions are the same, so you never get bored or lose interest (which I found happening a lot at my local gym). Laura is totally committed to seeing positive changes in each and every person who walks through the door. The group is very friendly and encouraging regardless of your current ability or fitness level. The Fit Hub is also an amazing space to work out. No run of the mill machines in sight, this large, private studio is equipped with innovative kit to really improve your core and get the best from every FITFIX or personal training session. Highly recommended!

Louise size 14-16 to 12-14

Over the past few months I have actually started to enjoy the torture that you inflict upon me once a week! I can see see such a difference in my shape as well as my general fitness- bending, walking up hills and most importantly NO sore neck – which was the norm, everyday. I am more body aware and so can hold myself in a better way. It was such a thrill to discover that i could hold the plank! Never would i have thought that possible.

Thank you xxxx

Helen size 14 to 10-12

At the start of 2017 I felt the most unfit and unhealthy I have ever felt my whole life. Then I was introduced to Laura and I thought I would give some personal training sessions a try. I had no idea how life-changing and life-transforming it would be. Diets have never really been my thing – I like my food too much!
I am now 5 months down the line and feel the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have ever been. I am currently 21cm so far but I completely underestimated the mental health benefits that this would bring too. I have one session with Laura each week and try to get to the gym twice in between. Sometimes I manage it, but when I don’t I’ve learnt to accept that life can get in the way sometimes and not feel too guilty.
My food choices are now so much better than they were and I have a new appreciation for healthy eating (whilst allowing myself the occasional treat!). More than anything, my time with Laura is a constant education – about my body, about food and about the impact of having someone to support, inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward. I’m proud of what I have achieved so far, but more is yet to come – I’m determined to hit 40 being fit rather than fluffy!


I have been doing Lauras classes on and off for about 2 years. I’ve not really taken my diet and health seriously but about 5 months ago I realised that my clothes were starting to feel tight and face looked really chubby, although I kept asking my hubby does my face look fat to you he kept saying no you look fine, mmmm I don’t think so. I decided to sign up for some PT  sessions. I started PT with Laura once a week and started attending one to two classes a week aswl. Laura gave me a detailed food plan and told me to cut all alcohol out of my diet. I haven’t been as strict as I should especially with my alcohol and so my results haven’t been as quick as I would have liked but I have lost inches from my waist and tummy and I am  feeling a lot better in myself. Going to Laura has been amazing, my fitness has improved and I now love exercise! She is the best and can’t thank her enough for all of her help! I still have work to do but she has taught me that slow and steady wins the race!!

Karen size 16-18 to 12-14

When I arrived at Laura’s studio I was desperate – approaching 50 and thought I had tried almost everything else and nothing had worked ! I had hit the menopause, was exhausted, not sleeping well, and I didn’t really hold out much hope that PT and bootcamp were going to make much of a difference but I wanted to try. What Laura has taught me is that nothing beats showing up, hard work and persistence. In 10 months I have probably only lost 1/2 stone but my body shape is finally changing!! There is no easy fix – but I’m so happy that I can finally see all the work is paying off. I have cried through many sessions with tiredness and laura has modified and worked with me through all my ups and downs providing support and reassurance every time I’ve found it too much! The other girls in the classes have been amazing and I have never been made to feel anything but part of the team. I can really say I’m starting to feel like my old self and I can see the finish line – even if it’s still a long way off!!

Thanks laura – it’s been a ride but I’m so glad you’ve had my back x

Amy size 18-20 to 14

During my first session I thought I was going to die!
Now 5 months in i have come back for more every session and I am really seeing the changes in my fitness and my clothes! I’ve had my 5 months progress photos done and I honesty have to say I’ve done amazingly well and I actually really enjoy it even when the sessions are gruelling at times. When I go and see Laura she always says we’ve got a fun session planned, i automatically know instantly its going to be a tough day! Laura has taught me it doesn’t matter about the number on the scales, when you have lost  inches. I also now know not to punish myself if I go a bit off track as I am human and it’s ok not yo be perfect all the time. Thank you for putting up with me for the last 5 months. You are crazy but one incredible personal trainer 😘😘😘

Emma size 16 to 10-12

Before I started training with Laura I was a size 16 and I had lost all confidence in myself because this is the biggest I’ve ever been. I woke up one day and decided I’m going to change and was introduced to Laura by a mutual friend. Since that day it’s been hard work, blood, sweat and tears lol. I have been following a healthy eating plan and training with Laura in BURN, SNS and BOOTCAMP for nearly 4 months and a sometimes I do need something sweet and ive I’ve learned that’s ok, so I might have something little but I have been very self disciplined most of the time and had amazing support from my family and the girls in the classes and of course Laura who’s always there to answer any questions I’ve got about anything. I have lost a total of 30cm and I’m now wearing a size 10 in most of my clothing and more importantly I no longer feel out of breath doing everyday thingst and I feel like I can do a lot more than I used to in training. My diet consists of lots of delicious but healthy food and I enjoy everything I eat. I feel really good inside and out and I’m wearing clothes that were buried in the back of the wardrobe cos I thought I’d never fit into them again. I feel more confident in myself and i know im not done yet and my journey is still ongoing…I’m not stopping…ever!


I met Laura when I was 6 months pregnant with my second child.I had generally kept fit and had personal trainers over the years but had fallen off the wagon after a bout of morning sickness. Laura’s experience with working with pregnant and and post partum women was very evident – she was fantastic at finding the right exercises for me, knowing when to push me and knowing when to tell me to stop.I trained quite a lot in my pregnancy and never had a single problem. It’s a testamount to Laura that I recovered very quickly from labour and was back doing exercise with Laura a few weeks later.
I swear in a year I have never done the same thing twice, Laura has an incredible ability to plan varied and interesting sessions, and unlike many trainers it is clear that she puts a lot of effort into planning the sessions to ensure I work on all parts of my body. M complete confidence that I should do it.
Last but not least, Laura is just super great, she never judges or lets me down and understands when some days I am not 100%. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone – both women and men – she will train you like you haven’t been trained before. Laura is the best PT I have ever trained with and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every session we have done!

Adriana Pearson size 18 to 14

Before I started with Laura, I use to go to the gym as well I tried Weight Watchers and Slimming world.
Looking on facebook, I saw a picture on Rebeca’s and I asked her how she was getting so small and she told me about Laura’s classes.
14 months ago I started the classes and the food plan. I haven’t been the best following Laura’s food plan but I have seen the changes. I am buying smaller size clothes, I feel good about myself and i can see myself on the mirror 🙂 . I really enjoy the classes, the energy and the lovely ladies that come to the classes. Thanks to Laura for her patience, guidance, support, encouragement and my two lovely friends Rebeca and Gina for motivating me to continue in this journey. I’m planning to carry on and I will push harder and try to do better.
Thanks a lot Laura xxxx


When I went to my first LPPT #FITFX 12 weeks ago I’m not ashamed to say I was really nervous! There’s an age you get to when starting new exercise and changing old habits seems all too much. But with a can do attitude I arrived at LPPT FIT HUB for a group training session and I can honestly say I left buzzing .. I mean, really buzzing ! I knew I wanted to tone up and if I could, loose a few pounds and Laura’s classes have been absolutely spot on. Everyone of them is different and with her constant attention given  to individuals correcting form and pushing you harder (believe me I still ache after most sessions!) but I feel better, my clothes fit better, I sleep better and even my posture has changed! I always look forward to the next session. Thanks so much Laura, I’m so glad I found #TEAMFIT xxx